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Details of the Charity Buffet - final total £1226

I didn’t have time before to give details but now I do, The event was attended by 48 people plus Kerstin and myself, we charged 50francs a ticket for the food which raised 916 francs, Tak didn’t charge for Kerstin and myself so we added our fee to the total. Tak donated a Further 120 francs for drinks . Tak said he would donate 1 franc for every drink bought. In addition to this although few people from work attended I had a donation from the Company of 500 francs and personal donations from colleagues and pals Manuela, Beat, Patrick, John and Pia which added another 170 francs plus 132 Pounds bringing the total to avery respectable 1706 francs and £132 or with current exchange rates £1’094 + £132 = £1226 . Quite a result.

Thanks to all who donated and attended, don’t forget there is still plenty of time to add to the funds as I am still far from the £5000 target


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